Our principles are our legacy

LifeSteps Financial was founded upon the following core investment beliefs:

  • Asset allocation and diversification are the two most important principles of investing
  • Market timing is not a successful strategy
  • Investment strategies should be based upon specific goals and objectives
  • Cost-efficient strategies are key to long-term success
  • Portfolio performance should be measured over a multi-year cycle relative to one’s objectives
  • The majority of active money managers do not consistently outperform the market
  • Indexing across multiple asset classes creates an investment solution that controls risk and reduces cost

Our firm’s investment philosophy serves as the foundation for our diversified and proprietary asset allocation modeling of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). An ETF is an investment vehicle that is constructed like a mutual fund, but trades like an individual security on a stock exchange. With an ETF, investors are provided with a broad range of benefits that include:

  • Low expenses
  • Tax efficiency
  • Transparency

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